Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government

Peskotom =  Pollock




Passamaquoddy Tribe Robbed by Loyalists
1604 the Traditional Capital of the Passamaquoddy Indians is known as Qonasqamkuk.
Qonasqamkuk is the site of General Council meetings for area first nations people
and the site of large shell midden, it is also the ancient place of worship for the
Passamaquoddy and other first nations people. Qonasqamkuk is the sacred burial
ground for Passamaquoddy Chiefs and is regarded as a traditional place where the
Passamaquoddy quested for ancestral strength, wisdom and spiritual guidance.
The Passamaquoddy People greeted Champlain at Qonasqamkuk.

1780's the Passamaquoddy provided winter refuge for loyalists, who agreed to pay 25 pounds for the winter stay.
1783 Loyalists illegally commenced settlement and brought surveyors onto Passamaquoddy land.
Historically, our people attempted to protect the sanctity and prevent the settlement of our land,
by detaining the trespassing surveyors.

1784 Loyalists cut down the Passamaquoddy cross and destroyed the place of worship for the Passamaquoddy.

1785 Loyalists force Passamaquoddies from Qonasqamkuk and establish ST.Andrews.

Loyalists withhold agreed payment from Passamaquoddies.

Passamaquoddies are forced to reside in St. Andrews in areas designated as "Indian Encampments."

1854 Passamaquoddies petition the province for New Brunswick for an investigation into the illegal
taking of Passamaquoddy land.

1900's St. Andrews town Officials desecrate Passamaquoddy burial grounds by town sanctioned construction.
St. Andrews bulldozes and destroys sacred sweet grass area used by our people in ceremonies and traditional
basket making.
Mid 1990s the Passamaquoddy re-establish the St. Croix-Schoodic band of Passamaquoddies with
a new Tribal Chief and Council headquartered at Qonasqamkuk (Indian Point, St Andrews) with Hugh
Akagi as the Tribal Chief.