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St Croix Watershed
St Croix Watershed

Schoodic River and Working Partners

The Schoodic River, now known as the St Croix River, is a one million acre international boundary watershed that lies in the heart of the Passamaquoddy Tribal Homeland. It is a watershed with a life history and future important to many. It is important that people understand the history and state of this river. This web page will host links to resources and information about the watershed. Below are some St Croix links.

Schoodic River Partners
Schoodic River Partners

Tribal and Federal Partners
Tribal Federal Statement of Cooperation 2013

Schoodic Riverkeepers
Vision and Mission Statement

St Croix Watershed Map
Maps of the St. Croix Watershed
St Croix Watershed, Tribal Land and Dams

Tribal Perspective
Tribal Chiefs Declaration - State of Emergency
Passamaquoddy Resolution - St Croix Alewife
Tribal Perspectives and Resources
Peskotomuhkati Nation at Skutik Website
Passamaquoddy Tribe, Pleasant Point Website
Passamaquoddy Tribe, Indian Township
Schoodic Riverkeepers
St Croix History Project using Google Earth

International Joint Commission
I.J.C. - St. Croix River Watershed Board (SCRWB)
State of the Watershed Report-2008 IJC
Water Quality and Health Report - 2011 IJC

St. Croix International Waterway Commission
St. Croix International Waterway Commission (SCIWC)
SCIWC - Maine Law
SCIWC - Facebook Page

St Croix Island Historic Site
St. Croix Historical Society
Historical Photos of St Croix
St Croix History Project using Google Earth

St Croix Dams and Fishways Map of St Croix Dams
Milltown Dam: Mainstem
Woodland Dam: Mainstem
Grand Falls Dam: Mainstem
St Croix Island Historic Site
Vanceboro Dam: East Branch
Forest City Dam: East Branch
Clifford Lake Dam: West Branch
West Grand Dam: West Branch
Bonney Brook Dike: West Branch
Farm Cove Dike: West Branch
Sysladobsis Dam: West Branch
Magurrewock Stream E & W: Many Dams, Calais

General Information
St. Croix River-Wikipedia
1988 Management Plan - St Croix Diadromous Fishery
Future Health of St Croix Estuary, 2005

FERC - US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FERC eLibrary
Some St Croix FERC decisions and documents

Other Documents and Resources
Links to other documents and web sites