Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government

Peskotom =  Pollock



Past Protests

To The Honorable The House of
Assembly of the Province of
New Brunswick

The petition of the Indians and descendants of Indians residing in Saint Andrews on Indian point at the time of the landing of the American Loyalists. Humbly showeth that some time in or near the fall of the year 1785 a ship or vessel carrying American Loyalists came into Passamaquoddy Bay that the weather becoming cold an Officer of the English Army named Major Wallace came to the Indians then living on Indian point (Where they had permanently resided for many years and where their dead are now buried) and requested leave to be allowed to land saying that they would pay £25 for license to remain until the Spring when he said that they would leave that there was some document written of which the said Major Wallace possessed himself subsequently, that the said Loyalists did land and built huts on Indian point and never paid the said sum of twenty five pounds and never left the said point but remained and continued in possession thereof and that the same is now in possession of their descendents contrary to good faith.

 Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your honorable House would cause an investigation and enquire who made as to the above facts and if true cause some satisfaction and amends to be made to them for such of the land where their fathers houses were built a great part of which was granted by the King to the Town of Saint Andrews and is used as a common and as in duty bound will ever pray

 Saint Andrews  1 Feb 1854

 Jo Lola Selmore                         Joe Francis                             John Benawit
Captn. Mitchel                           Soctomah Selmore                   Louis Benawit
Peter Denny                               Joseph Newall                            Francis Denny
Louis SocBasen                          Peter Police                               Socabasin Nicolar
Joseph Newall                           John Police                                 Nicolar Denis
Thomas Denny                            Peol Mitchel Neptun                   Thom Newel
Sopiel Francis                            Newel Thomas                            Capt. Selmore
Lola SocBasin                            Peter Benawit                             Nicholas Nicola


Their Agent

                                                                  Called in English Francis

(A transcription of a document tabled by the New Brunswick House of Assembly on February 14, 1854 and held by the New Brunswick Archives, Fredericton, New Brunswick.)