Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government


Peskotom = Pollock

"Barebones" Newsletter


Purpose of Program:
To provide information to the community in a weekly electronic newsletter through email and through the Sipayik Barebones Newsletter on Facebook.

The Bare Bones Newsletter is a weekly publication that provides information to the tribal community about various community events, job openings, upcoming meetings, special functions and communications from the Tribal Administration, Tribal Programs and Departments.

If you wish to receive the newsletter via email contact Tina Downing and request to be added to the email distribution list. Send request to:

If you wish to receive the news through Facebook online you will first have to sign up and get a Facebook account. Once you are logged into Facebook you can then search for "Sipayik Barebones Newsletter" and request to be added to the Newsletter group.