Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government

Peskotom = Pollock

You can now take a tour of the St. Croix Watershed using Google Earth. See Important Sites and Learn Some History

Many changes have taken place on the St. Croix River over time. Google Earth is a great way to do visual fly over tours of the landscape and to visit sites. These tours will help you better understand the places and the history of the watershed. Enjoy Your Flight!

First Download and Install Google Earth (Free) on your computer so you can open and view the files below. After you have installed Google Earth, just click links below to download and take the different tours using Google Earth.

A New Presentation created Sept 2018 (6MB). This link will open a virtual tour of some important sites in the watershed. Also lots of info about the tribe and dams and fish passage etc.
New Presentation: St. Croix Watershed, History, Fish Passage, Dams and the Passamaquoddy

A History Project created Oct 2017
In 1875 there were 78 active mills or other machines located on the lower St Croix River from Baring to Milltown. Links below are Google Earth files to tour the past.

1874 Calais, ME and Milltown NB - St Croix River

Ancient Tribal Village Site "Siqoniw Utenehsis"

Passamaquoddy Village in Calais 1874

Salmon Falls

Union Dam in 1874

Union Dam Mills in Canada 1874

Union Dam Mills in the USA in 1874

Union Dam Toll Bridge in 1874

Board Sluice in USA 1805 to 1825

Board Sluice in Canada in 1874

Milltown Dams above Salmon Falls in 1874

USA Mills at Milltown above Salmon Falls in 1874

Canadian Mills at Milltown above Salmon Falls in 1874

Upper Milltown Toll Bridge 1874

Lower Milltown Bridge 1874 (Arch Bridge)

Rolling Dam near first set of rapids 1874

Historical Photos of Lower St. Croix River