Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government

Peskotom =  Pollock

Map taken from the Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy web site which shows the tribe’s Homeland. 

 W. F. Ganong Map drawn in 1901 * showing the Passamaquoddy Tribal territory as depicted in 1901.  Ganong grouped the Passamaquoddy Tribe with the Maliseet but recognized Passamaquoddy as a distinct and separate territory. 

 For visual ease I hilited the Passamaquoddy territory in red  on the Ganong map….


Ganong map layered over the tribal map. Notice the tribes' homeland is similar to the Ganong version. Notice the bold black line running right through the middle of the tribal homeland, this is the USA and Canada border.

* From the book "A Monograph of the Evolution of the Boundaries of the Province of New Brunswick"
By William Francis Ganong (page 153)