Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government

Peskotom =  Pollock

Maps of Passamaquoddy Homeland

The following links are for viewing various maps of the Passamaquoddy Ancestral Homeland

1. Passamaquoddy Homeland Map

Map made on 2-6-17. Shows "Louis Mitchell"
boundary as it was described in his speech
before the Maine State Legislature in 1887.
Transcript of 1887 Louis Mitchell Speech

2. Location of Passamaquoddy Homeland
Satelite veiw. Red outline is location of traditional homeland.

3. Qonasqamkuk - Stolen Land

4. Homeland - Defined by Watersheds

5. Homeland

6. Homeland

7. Homeland

8. St.Croix Watershed
Passamaquoddy Homeland showing the location of the St Croix River Watershed blue shaded area) in middle. Also showing the location of some of the tribal "trust" lands. These lands held in trust by the federal government (red outlined)

1901 Ganong Map of Passamaquoddy Territory