Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government


Peskotom = Pollock

Mission Statment:

Chief Melvin Joseph Francis
Memorial Foundation

The purpose of this organization is to carry out the commitments and passions of Melvin Francis, the late Tribal Chief of the Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe, at the economically disadvantaged Reservations of the Passamaquoddy and other Indian Tribes. Chief Francis was dedicated to improving the education, health, welfare, safety and lives of Tribal members, especially Elderly members and Native Foster Children, and to improving and expanding economic development and the availability of housing for Tribal communities. Chief Francis had a vision of instituting specific programs to achieve these goals. Such programs provide assistance for daily living, based on objective criteria, in addition to basic needs to accomplish an overall improvement in living conditions, education, health, welfare and safety for all Tribal members, and especially Elderly Members and Foster Children, as well as enhancement of economic development opportunities. The success of this organization depends on the commitment of like-minded, inspired donors who share the same goals and passions as our late Chief, Melvin Francis.

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