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Passamaquoddy Energy 

Sipayik Algal Bioreactor - Office Demo Model

Reviews renewable energy options for the tribal reservation. Tribe has the natural resources to produce energy from wind, tidal, and solar activities. Other workable ideas include producing oil from algae to run diesel powered engines and a do-it-yourself home heating project that cost less than $500. View the presentation given by Steve Crawford, Former Environmental Planner, at the Tribal Climate Change Symposium, December 1 - 4, 2008, Milwaukee, WI.

Passamaquoddy Energy

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Algae to Oil

Another presentation by the Steve Crawford, Former Environmental Planner, at the Biocycle Conference, April 12 - 15, 2010, San Diego, CA. Provides a brief overview of the efforts carried out by the Passamaquoddy Energy initiative. Main content of presentation is to highlight two bio reactors: a small scale working demo pictured above and another one located at the waste water treatment facility. Another bioreactor is under construction and will be housed inside a green house.


                    Algae to Oil


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