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How to order a Maliyan CD-ROM

 Dear Reader,

This is a new computer program entitled MALIYAN.  It is a story about a time in the life of a little fictional Passamaquoddy girl who grows up in the early 1900's at Indian Township which is near Princeton, Maine.  Maliyan also travels to Pleasant Point which is near Eastport, Maine.  The story is written in Passamaquoddy and English.  The main fearure is that the reader will also hear the story spoken Passamaquoddy.  The MALIYAN story will give the user a better understanding of the Passamaquoddy language and culture.

This CD is valued at about $25.00 or more.  It is being sold for ten dollars each.

This new CD project is being made available to the general public on a not-for-profit basis.  All income from the sale of the MALIYAN disks is being donated by me to the Passamaquoddy Language Preservation and Archive Fund which is being managed and administered by Maine Indian Education located in Calais, Maine.  Maine Indian Education is a non-profit tax exempt educational organization chartered under Maine law.  Questions about MIE can be directed to the superintendent, Ron Jenkins.  If I can avoid it, I would prefer not to handle any cash.  Anyone interested in purchasing this new CD can send me a check made payable to Maine Indian Education.   When I receive the check I will send out the CD to you.  This effort is just another step to help preserve and keep the Passamaquoddy Language alive.  (there is more detailed info about this within the CD program)

I am hoping that the Language Preservation and Archive fund will grow enabling Passamaquoddy to continue producing more language CDs and other programs in the future. 

To receive a CD by mail order the cost is twelve dollars (US currency), ten dollars for the CD and two dollars for postage).  Please make a check payable to:

"Maine Indian Education"
Language Preservation Fund

 Please send check to:   
Edward Bassett Jr.
PO Box 286
Perry, ME     04667

If you are mailing in an order please be sure to write your name and mailing address on a note and send it in with your check when you order a CD.
Please do not send cash in mail.

 If you have any questions please contact me at (207) 853-2600 or 2808

 Woliwon (thank you)

Ed Bassett Jr.

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