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This is a story (needs updating) about the sea-run alewife (a keystone indigenous fish) and how the State of Maine listened to certain vocal sports fishing special interests groups to block the sea-run alewife from spawning in the natal waters in the upper St Croix watershed for almost 20 years.  It is also about how these special interests groups infiltrated and manipulated tribal decision making to support their anti-alewife campaign and the blockage.

The results of this blockage was dramatic. A St. Croix alewife run of 2.6 million fish in 1987 collapsed to just 900 fish in 2002 !  The St. Croix has the potential to support a run of over 20 million alewife spawners along with an active commercial fishery, and support a tribal sustenance fishery, both of which the Passamaquoddy people hold an interest and inherent right of access, on both sides of the watershed.  The blockage has negatively affected the unique St Croix ecosystem and many species that depend upon alewives for food, including salt water commercial ground fish, the endangered right whale, the region’s osprey and eagle population, etc.

This is also a story, from the tribal perspective, about the environment, responsible stewardship, history and politics and how the indigenous fishery and the ecosystem has been hurt.  The target audience for the video was initially intended for tribal members and tribal leaders, however some of this message is universal and can be beneficial for all, especially those interested in the St Croix River and the Amazing Alewife.

Update - Good News:

After much political work by many friends of the alewife the State of Maine passed a law in 2013 to remove the alewife blockage (LD-72).  Although some of the fish ways are very old and in need of repair sea-run alewife are free to pass through dams in the main stem and the East Branch.  And the Passamaquoddy Tribal Government supports restoring sea-run alewife and all other indigenous fish in the St Croix River watershed.   

Update - Not Good News:

Today, 22 years after Maine blocked the alewife, Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is still blocking the alewife in parts of the watershed.  IFW is blocking alewife from passing the West Grand dam at Grand Lake Stream, preventing spawning in the West Branch of the St Croix watershed, in tribal waters that surround Passamaquoddy lands.  This policy by the ME-IFW is obstructing the tribes' efforts to restore indigenous sea-run fishery to important tribal waters in the watershed preventing tribal sustenance fishing in violation of tribal treaty rights and in violation of the understanding in the 1980 Land Claims Settlement.

High resolution video segments - Windows Media Video 9 format (wmv), frame size at 720X480 and 29.97 frames per second.

June 5, 2013 Coming Home Celebration at Grand Falls:

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 01 Welcome and Opening

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 02 Scott Beal, Woodland Pulp LLC

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 03 Clayton Cleaves, Passamaquoddy Chief at Pleasant Point

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 04 Madonna Soctomah, Tribal Representative to Legislature

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 05 Brian's Story about the Eagles

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 06 Charlie Peter Paul, Chief Aroostook Band Micmac

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 07 Maria Gerard, Tribal Council Member, Penobscot Nation

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 08 John Dieffenbacher-Krall, Executive Director, Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 09 Aaron Annable, Canadian Consulate

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 10 Meredeth Mendelson, Deputy Commissioner, Maine DMR

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 11 Wendi Webber, NE Regional Director, US Fish & Wildlife

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 12 John Bullard, NE Regional Administrator, NOAA Fisheries

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 13 Curt Spalding, Regional Administrator, EPA New England

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 14 Scott Meneely, Acting Deputy Dorector, BIA Eastern Region

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 15 Hugh Akagi, Passamaquoddy Chief St. Croix Schoodic Band

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 16 Denise Altvater

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 17 Honoring the Alewife (Music Video)

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 18 Round Dance

June 5, 2013 Video Clip 19 Signing of the Tribal-Federal Statement of Cooperation, Honoring the Schoodic Riverkeepers and Friends of the Alewife

Updates to the first Video production:

Yellow is Tribal Content and Blue is General Content

Video Joint Tribal Council Resolution 9-26-12 Update September 2012

Video  June to August 2012 6:05 (67.2 MB)  Update June through August 2012

Video  Tribal Chief Cleaves 5:53 (67.6 MB)  Tribal Chief Statement-August 2012

Video  Tribal Chief Socobasin 7:27 (85.6 MB)  Tribal Chief Statement-August 2012

Video  Vera Francis 1:17 (14.8 MB)  Vera Francis Dancing and Statement-August 2012

First Video Production below:

Video Segment #1 - 3:28 (40 MB)  Introduction Tribal Language

Video Segment #2 - 8:25 (98.2 MB) Introduction, Location Maps and General info

Video Segment #3 - 5:02 (58 MB)  Catherine Hood, Hugh Akagi, and Importance of Alewife

Video Segment #4 - 13:12 (153 MB) History, Presence of Alewife, Dams etc.

Video Segment #5 - 2:32 (29.4 MB) Pollution, Dams, and Recovery of Fish

Video Segment #6 - 6:21 (73.8 MB) 1995 State Law, Ban Alewife, Bass Favored, Spednick Lake

Video Segment #7 - 6:55 (78.4 MB) Bass v Alewife Struggle, Research, 2008 Public Statements, Law  

Video Segment #8 - 1:32 (17.6 MB) 2009 International Joint Commission

Video Segment #9 - 2:28 (28.6 MB) Grand Falls, Bass,  Alewives, Restoration

Video Segment #10 - 1:17 (14.8 MB) Archaeological Site at Mud Lake

Video Segment #11 - 3:44 (43.2 MB) 1902 River Profile (survey) of St. Croix river

Video Segment #12 - 4:56 (57.3 MB) 1997 NRC and JTC Tribal Political

ideo Segment #13 - 2:42 (25.6 MB) 2001 Tribal Political

Video Segment # 14 - 3:26 (39.3 MB)2009 Pleasant Point and 2010 JTC Tribal Political

Video Segment #15 - 4:08 (47.9 MB) 2011 JTC Tribal Political

Video Segment #16 - 2:18 (26.4 MB) Hugh Akagi interview

Video Segment # 17 - 2:08 (24.9 MB) Tribal Content with Political Commentary

Video Segment #18 - 4:41 (54.3 MB) Tribal Content with Ecosystem Commentary

Video Segment #19 - 1:43 (20 MB) Historical and Ecosystem Commentary Info

Video Segment #20 - 2:52 (32.9 MB) Ecosystem with Tribal Flavor and General info

Video Segment #21 - 1:56 (22.2 MB) Quotes from Tribal Elder and Tribal Member

Video Segment #22 - 0:56 (10.9 MB) Sacred Run Event Sacred Run Map

Video Segment #23 - 1:01 (11.8 MB) Quotes in Text Only

Video Segment #24 - 1:55 (22 MB) Credits Text Only

Video Segment #25 - 1:31 (17.4 mb) Text Calling for Action and “It’s In Your Hands” Image (End)  

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